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Hilton House Thermal Performance Analysis

We analysed the proposed renovations to a miners cottage in Fremantle, WA and were able to provide the client with data comparing the various design options being considered, from Thermal Mass and Insulation, to Glass specifications and Shading options. 

The project was presented by John de Bruyn at the 2012 Smart Energy Expo in Newcastle:

Hilton House, WA - Slide Show


Merewether House Energy and Water Review

In 2010 John de Bruyn undertook work to provide information to clients of an existing home. A "green loans assessment" was being carried out at the time and this report was only requested to clarify a few items the client asked about at the time.

Merewether House Sustainability Review (Example)


Origma Creek Land Management Report

Done as a UTS Student Assignment, but also able to be used by the landowner of a beautiful patch of Hawkesbury Sandstone to secure the land in perpetuity.