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Thermal Performance Analysis & Optimisation

The Thermal Performance, or Passive Design of a building is extermely imprtant in new construction, as it dictates to a huge degree how comfortable and/or expensive the building will be.

In Commercial buildings software modelling is available through a range of products, but Thermal Performance Optimisation can also be achieved through a first principals review of the specifications, and in conjunction with Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) consultants and / or Mechanical Engineers. This may be done as part of the BCA Section J Reporting or for other Energy Efficiency reasons.

In Residential buildings, AccuRate (NatHERS) software is used to simulate the thermal performance of a home and therefore to optimise the passive design. We prefer that the modelling be undertaken as soon as possible in the design process and then used to refine the design as well as provide the “Star Ratings” at the completion of the design phase.

Existing homes can be assessed and modelled to identify opportunities for improvement either as part of a renovation project or e upgrading of a single element. Each home is unique and will have its own constraints, opportunities and requirements.

  • Thermal Performance Assesments for existing homes and propsed developments start at $400

Hilton House Case Study

We analysed the proposed renovations to a miners cottage in Fremantle, WA and were able to provide the client with data comparing the various design options being considered, from Thermal Mass and Insulation, to Glass specifications and Shading options. 

The project was presented by John de Bruyn at the 2012 Smart Energy Expo in Newcastle:

Hilton House, WA - Slide Show