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Passive Building Design

Passive design utilises the site-specific factors, such as climate, geography, topography, context, micro-climate, prevailing wind and sun paths to regulate and control as best as possible the internal comfort for occupants.

The knowledge and principles of Passive Design are not new, but are being overlooked by todays designers. We are experienced and skilled in proving passive design solutions for your project. 

Simply taking the sun's path and local climate factors such as breezes and temperature patterns into account one can reduce the reliance on artificial heating and cooling, or even eliminate it altogether.

As well as providing design consultation to architects and developers on their projects, we provide design and documentation services to clients who have a strong idea of what they want and are seeking to work closely on their project.

John de Bruyn is a Graduate Architect and specialises in working closely with the Client and Builder to achieve an efficient and cost-effective outcome. 

We can provide part or all of the following services:

  • Passive Building Design
  • Thermal Performance Analysis
  • Resource (Efficiency) Modelling
  • Sketch & Developed Design Documentation
  • Development Application Documentation
  • BASIX Certification
  • Construction Documentation
  • Construction Management
  • Sustainability Management


Passive Design Review

Are you building ?

We can provide a professional and objective overview of your design to ensure that you are getting the most from your builder/designer/architect. 

Contact John directly to discuss options for design, documentation and review services.